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Bromine is a bit more expensive and a little slower reacting cleaner than chlorine, however, it does a much better job of killing algae, bacteria and other contaminants. Also, it works for much longer than chlorine, making it on-par or even more powerful than chlorine. Of all the contaminants, it does a really good job of destroying bacteria and viruses.

One of the main attractive features that bromine offers is its pH value. This value is much lower than chlorine meaning you won’t have the chemical balance issues that you get when you use chlorine. It also doesn’t have as strong of a chemical smell to it, unlike chlorine.

BC Home Leisure offers amazing Bromine products to help you keep your swim spa and hot tub water clean.

How It Works

Bromine can be added to a hot tub in the form of tablets, nuggets or granules. One form is sodium bromide, which needs to be activated with an oxidizer such as chlorine or (non-Chlorine) shock.

Many people choose bromine over chlorine because bromine is an effective sanitizer in hot tubs and swim spas as it doesn’t “gas off” at temperatures higher than 98 degrees and produces fewer odours than chlorine. Bromine works in a wide range of pH levels. Bromine is generally distributed through a floating feeder or cartridge system.

Why It’s Popular

Bromine has become the most popular way to sanitize a spa. It is very effective and does not have that “strong odour” that chlorine typically has. It is available in 1-inch tablets and must be distributed into the water with a floater.

The next step in setting up a “healthy spa” is checking the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. These are very important measurements to keep in balance; they help assure that the water does not become corrosive, which will attack heating elements, pump seals and internal gas fired heaters. They should be checked once a week or if you have added water or if you have had an unusual bather load.

Shocking the spa water once a week or during heavy bather use is also a must. This is done with a non-chlorine shock or oxidizer; these eliminate odors and reduce irritating contaminants for fresh, clear water. Remember because of the high temperatures and heavy bather loads, spas require higher sanitizer levels, as well as heavier oxidizer doses to eliminate bather waste and maintain clear, sparkling water.

Also recommended, as part of your bromine arsenal to keep your spa healthy is an enzyme-based clarifier. This chemical is used literally to eat body oils that attach to the spa surface giving it the “ring around the tub” title. It also helps keep your filter from clogging therefore making it last longer. Visit & buy our bromine products collection!


If you forget to regularly add sanitizer to your hot tub or if you want to try and save a little money on maintenance, chlorine may be the way to go. However, if you have sensitive skin, bromine is definitely the better choice, even if it is a little more expensive. Don’t get fooled by the chlorine myth, although it is sometimes useful, often times it’s more valuable to use bromine.

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