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Chlorine is a hot tub and swim spa water cleanser as old as time. It’s very efficient and cost-effective. Traditional care requires the spa owner to manually add an approved sanitizer to the spa once a week and before each use. How much effort is required by the spa owner depends on how frequently the hot tub is used. With typical hot tub use, you should check the spa water with a test strip each time you use the spa. BC Home Leisure can help you select the products you’ll need to keep your swim spa and hot tub water clean.

How It Works

When hot tub chlorine is dissolved in water it creates hypochlorous acid which reacts with bacteria in the water, breaking it down and killing it in the process. During this process the hypochlorous acid molecules will react with other elements and become deactivated, which is why constant maintenance is required.
Clean the filters with a hose pipe to remove any debris build up and leave to dry afterwards. You can use a filter cleaner spray to prevent a buildup of grease and we recommend purchasing a spare filter, allowing you to rotate them on a weekly basis.

You probably know chlorine as the sanitizer that is also commonly used in swimming pools. Chlorine is safe to use in hot tubs as well, although, as you might expect, in a different concentration than you would use in a pool. Chlorine is available in tablets and quick-dissolving granules, both of which are made specifically for hot tub use.


Make sure to use test strips to maintain the correct chemical levels. Chlorine is the old standard for sanitizing your spa; however, it has been largely replaced by bromine because bromine is less harsh and has a less potent smell. Chlorine can be purchased in granular form or in 1-inch tablets. You can only buy bromine in 1-inch tablets.

If you are using chlorine, put 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml) directly into your spa water every other day or as recommended so that the chlorine level stays between 1.5-3 PPM.

Buy a floater for chlorine tablets. You will load 4-6 tabs into the floater, and they will dissolve in your spa over time. Using the floater, you won’t have to add chlorine to your spa as often; however, continue using the test strips to check the chemical and mineral levels in your spa once a week.

Do not over sanitize your spa with chlorine. Make sure you put the appropriate level of chlorine chemical in your spa, but do not add more than the recommended amount, because it could damage the spa’s equipment and cover.

Consider adding a mineral based purifier to reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine you have to use.

When deciding on chlorine or bromine tablets you should also consider how much you shock/oxidize your water. Bromine tablets perform best when there is frequent oxidation taking place. Chorine is much more forgiving that if you forget to shock one week, your sanitizer costs are not likely to measurable increase. Visit & buy our chlorine products collection!

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