Many Canadians are familiar with the “fly-by-night” hot tub and swim spa events that pop in towns all across the country over the course of a year. These shows are intended to get in quick, sell a boat load of tubs, then pack up and head to the next town, leaving a wake of product defects with little to no customer service.  One of the brands you’ll see at most of these pop-up hot tub events, is Chinese made Master Spas. 

Health Canada officially launched a recall notice on diverter valves sold with certain Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas. The problem occurs when the diverter valve becomes loose, and eventually pops off, posing a very dangerous situation for those standing close-by and in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Depending on the speed and force of the jets, these valves can release and pop upwards at a very aggressive speed, and potentially cause harm to those around it.

Health Canada Recall

Health Canada has advised those that own a Master Spas tub, or swim spa to STOP using them immediately, and contact Master Spas directly to arrange for replacement parts. The recall pertains to a 2 inch diverter valve sold with some Master Spas models including – Twilight, H2X Swim Spa and the MP Signature Deep Swim Spa models. You will find the model number of the unit printed up top, on the control panels.  These valve caps are included as a component part and are located directly below the diverter handle on the upper deck of the tub or swim spa waterline. These diverter valves are coming loose, and essentially blasting off.

Up until July 31st of this year, the company has received over 100 reports of this issue, including reports of 4 customers being physically struck by the cap.

Master Spas, and most other brands you see at these ‘Hot Tub Expos” are manufactured in China, and lack the same quality control of those brands hand-built in Canada. 

When making such a big investment for you and your family, be aware of the product you’re purchasing, the service and support that comes with it, and if the product is locally hand crafted or an import from another country that just doesn’t have the same manufacturing standards.