pH Balancing 101

Hot tubs are built to help you and your family relax and enjoy time-well spent together. Unfortunately, too often unstable pH levels cause you to do tedious water maintenance. No more! This article goes over ways to make sure you’re keeping your hot tub’s pH levels on track.

Before reading any further, be sure that you’re testing your water in a proper manner that gives you correct results. Once you’ve found that your levels are out of whack, it’s time to get to work to get your water chemistry under control.

How pH Effects your Hot Tub

Recall the concept of acids and bases from grade 7 science class? If you do great, if not here’s a quick synopsis. When a solution (that’s a chemical mixed with water) contains extra hydrogen ions, it’s acidic. When the solution has fewer hydrogen ions than plain water, it’s basic. On the general pH scale, seven is perfectly neutral water.

When measuring your hot tub water pH with test strips, it shows how acidic or basic your hot tub water is. You want the test strips to read between 7.2 and 7.6 parts per million (ppm). Basically, you want your water just slightly above totally even.

If your spa’s pH measures outside that neutral range, don’t panic, but know that you have some work in-front of you. If those levels are way away from that range, you could be in for some unhealthy and potentially damaging water symptoms in your spa, such as bacteria growth, etc.

Fixing pH Levels

This process can be very simple. For example, when you have acidic water, you’ll add basic chemicals to increase the pH, then vice versa when your water is too basic.

There are many products available to help you execute both processes, so don’t fret. If, however, after you’ve added those pH balancing products your water doesn’t return to a safe level, talk to an expert at your local hot tub store, as it may be time for a drain and fill.

Maintaining pH Levels

Ideally, every hot tub owner wants to just simply maintain healthy water always. To do this, it’s important to keep your lines, filter, and water clean to prevent a whole host of water chemistry problems.

Some simple steps to do this include:

  • Changing your water completely every three or four months
  • Always following the instructions for the chemicals you put in the tub
  • Remember to shower before getting in your hot tub

Keep in-mind that having a high bather load in your hot tub might require you to drain and refill your hot tub even more often than what we suggest above. If you are looking for some water care products, browse our selection here!

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