pH Plus – 750 g


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Maintain pH between 7.2 and 7.8. Spa Life pH Plus raises your spa’s pH level.

Key Information

  • Full range of water care solutions

  • Easy to use and effective products.

  • Keeps your spa comfortable and safe.

Ideal Balancing Paramenters

  • Total Alkalinity: 100–150

  • pH: 7.2–7.8

  • Free Available Chlorine: 3.0–5.0 ppm

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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Spa Life Hot Tub Water Care Features

Spa Life hot tub chemicals come in a variety of forms to help keep your hot tub free of potential health risks, from chlorine tablets and pucks to bromine granules. The Spa Life product line features a series of sanitizers that kill the bacteria which can grow in your hot tub. Spa Life products sanitize your hot tub and maintain proper chemical levels without the obnoxious odours and hazardous effects of other chemical sanitizers. Spa Life Bromine Tablets slowly dissolve in water to kill bacteria and algae over a broad pH scale, so they can be used in many different hot tub arrangements. Your hot tub needs shock treatments about once a week to clean out excess dirt and oil left behind from repeated or heavy use. Spa Life Non Chlorine Shock, for example, is the perfect non-chlorinated product to get the job done. Chlorinated products have a strong and sometimes unpleasant odour, and they can irritate the eyes and skin. This Spa Life shock treatment product works to disinfect without these unwanted effects and enables the hot tub’s continuous use.

The Importance of Clean Water

It’s absolutely crucial to keep the water in your hot tub clean and properly pH balanced to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria and maintain the proper functioning of the hot tub’s surfaces and mechanisms. Chemically treating your hot tub with Spa Life products helps to prevent infections and illnesses that can be contracted through bacteria, and improve the life span of your hot tub, making it less vulnerable to damage and breakdowns.

The Ideal Chemical Balance

When it comes to taking care of your hot tub, there are two main things you need to stay on top of. One is sanitizing or cleaning it, and the other is maintaining a proper pH balance in the water. Since the hot tub environment is much hotter than a typical pool, it creates a more favorable environment for bacterial growth. That’s why it’s necessary to treat it with the right mix of chemicals.


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