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Years of product innovation, development and field-testing has perfected the most unique and luxurious Spas in the world, the Cascade Series. For the first time ever, a vanishing (or infinity) edge design is available on a portable Hot Tub. This patented feature is more than just aesthetically stunning, it successfully eliminates two issues; water displacement from multiple bathers and the need for space consuming skimmers.

Key Information

  • Seating for up to 7 Adults

  • 61 Adjustable Massage Jets

  • Pumps up to 11.5 Horsepower

  • $11.98 – $26.63 Energy Cost per Month

Technical Specifications

  • 94″ x 94″ x 30″

  • 480 Gallon Water Capacity

  • 1032 Lbs (Empty)

  • 5038 Lbs (Filled)

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Your Spa, Customized. Choose the Series That’s Right for You.

  • Full Color Control Panel
  • 5″ Safety Light
  • 47 Trillium Hydrotherapy Massage Jets
  • Coast Guard Bottom Protection
  • Worldwide Smartphone Remote Compatible

  • All Elite Series Features
  • Upgraded Touchscreen Controls
  • Increased Jet Pump Power
  • 61 Trillium Hydrotherapy Massage Jets
  • 7″ Stainless Steel Frosted Underwater Light

Standard Features Included on all Cascade Spas

The World’s Only Portable Infinity Edge

An Infinity Edge is the perfect feature for a personal Hot Tub. Not only does it eliminate your filter grate and bobbing skimmers, it also prevents the water level from changing. No matter how many people are in the Spa, the water level remains the same. A self-purging system automatically eliminates air-locks and an included water-level gauge makes it easy to keep the correct amount of water in the included reserve tank.

Exclusive 24″ Waterfall

At one time waterfalls were just to add soothing sounds and a relaxing ambiance to your spa. Coast Spas changes that by putting you into the waterfall, giving you a feeling of pure relaxation and complete tranquility. Our largest water feature comes standard on nearly all of our Curve and Cascade Series Spas.

The Hydrocyclonic Filtration System

Not only is pressurized filtration more efficient and faster than a skim filtration system but it also removes the dirty filter canisters from the bathing area. Without a pressurized system, once the water flow to the filter subsides, the debris that was caught in the filter is free to float back into the spa and re-contaminate the water. This commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system with the filter canister completely removed from the bathing area and coupled with an oversized skimmer.

The Strongest Shells in the Industry

Your hot tub starts its life as a sheet of premium acrylic. It is then heated and vacuum-formed to take on the shape of a hot tub, at this point the acrylic is fragile and flexible. The acrylic shell is then moved to be reinforced using high-grade Owens Corning fiberglass. A team of specialists start by applying several layers of fiberglass to the shell, then use rollers to compress those layers together. Steel angle iron is then placed onto those first compressed layers for additional support in specific structural areas.

Our Exclusive Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet

It is inevitable that dirt, sand and other debris will find it’s way into your hot tub. It can be brought in on your feet, blow in by the wind or simply fall from the trees or a structure above. Regardless of how it got into your hot tub, the last thing you want is for it to stay in your water – collecting over time on the floor of your spa. Our Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet is activated during the filtration cycle and blasts the collected dirt, sand and other debris off the floor to where it can be drawn into the filtration system.

Built Powerfully, Engineered Intelligently.

From the 7HP Monster Flow to the 1.5HP Smart Flow, all of our pumps are specifically designed and engineered to push the maximum allowable pressure through to our Luxury Trillium Massage Jets with the most efficiency. During your spa’s filtration cycle, your jet pumps are activated to pull and push water through your hot tub filter. Programmable filtration cycles allow you to control when, and for how long, your jet pumps activate to purge your hot tub of debris.


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