Pizza Oven Cart – Large

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The new Large Pizza Oven Cart is wood-fired and built in Italy with solid welded construction, steel & electro galvanized steel for your outdoor cooking. Retractable handles allow you to easily move the cart around your backyard as you like for entertaining friends and family.

Key Information

  • 100% Italian Parts & Construction

  • Preheats in 15 minutes

  • Slide-Out Handles & Caster Wheels

  • Easy & Portable Setup

Technical Specifications

  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel

  • Solid Weld Construction

  • All-Weather Rock Base Insulation

  • Food Grade Cooking Stones


Getting Started With Your Bull Pizza Oven

Cooking Your First Pizza

Tools & Accessories for Your Bull Pizza Oven

Bull Pizza Oven Accessories

Looking to get a little bit more out of your Bull Pizza Oven? We’ll have you mastering the art of wood-fired pizzas in no time! Check out our full line of official Bull Outdoor products, if they make it, we’ve got it. For all product inquiries, pricing, and availability, Contact us today or visit our showroom and a BC Home Leisure expert will be happy to help you!

15” Pizza Stone

This square pizza stone helps make crispier crust pizzas and breads on your grill and won’t crack under extreme variations in temperature.

Hardwood Rolling Pin

This Hardwood Rolling Pin is perfect for creating artisanal pizza and pie crusts. It includes silicone rings an makes ideal 1/8th of an inch crust.

Long Handled Brush

The Long Handled Brush has an wooden handle that allows you to clean the cooking stone prior to or after cooking your pizza with one of our pizza ovens.

Long Handled Peel

The Long Handled Peel is has a long wooden handle that allows you to remove pizza easily from one of our pizza ovens.

Non-Stick Pizza Cone Set

This pizza cone set is the newest way to prepare pizza. It includes two nonstick pizza cones and nonstick pizza stands, dough cutter, and rolling crimper.

PizzaQue Pizza Peel

The PizzaQue Pizza Peel has a swivel handle that can be set to grilling or storage position, and its an easy way to help you lift the pizza off the pizza stone.

PizzaQue Pizza Stone Scrubber

Our PizzaQue Pizza Stone Scrubber has stainless steel bristles that help preserve the baking stone.

Wood Double Dough Roller

This wooden dough roller’s large end rolls dough to its desired size and its small end refines thickness of the dough’s edge for the perfect pizza.

Wood Pizza Cutter

This Wood Pizza Cutter is good for cutting on all surfaces and cuts pizza in a snap.

Wood Pizza Peel

The Wood Pizza Peel’s comfortable wood handle makes pizza retrieval quick and simple. It is easy to clean and can be hung up.


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Bull Pizza Oven Downloads

Ok, you’ve got your shiny new Pizza Oven set up! Now what? How do I light this thing? Does it need a certain type of wood pellet? I want to clean it up, but I’m not sure how. Help? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the resources and information you need to keep your pizza oven burning hot and cranking out those delicious, wood-fired pies! Still can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem, Contact us today or visit our showroom and a BC Home Leisure expert will be happy to help you!

Product Spec Sheet and Lighting Guide

Large Pizza Oven Spec Sheet


Bull Pizza Oven Lighting Guide




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