Simple Steps to Help Maintain your Filter

Fall is the time for many menial tasks. Whether it’s raking leaves, cleaning cupboards, or even trimming tree branches, fall is the perfect time for all sorts of weird chores. Having said that, if you own a hot tub you’ll need to add one more task to your to-do list: clean your hot tub filter.

Hot tub filters not only help protect your health, but also your wallet. Dirty filters can even void your warranty, so it pays to check your spa filters once or twice a month. Although often overlooked, cleaning your hot tub filter is just as important as regularly adding hot tub chemicals or doing a drain and fill. It’s that critical to the health of your hot tub! Here are a few simple ways to clean your hot tub filter:

1. Quick & Dirty

If your filter is rather clean and doesn’t need much as far as cleaning is concerned, a quick rinse should suffice. To execute this, simply remove the filters from your hot tub and rinse them with water. The best methods are with a garden hose or in a sink. To ensure a thorough clean, be sure that you are spreading apart each pleat and rinsing well in-between them. Once you have completed your rinse, allow the filter to dry before using in your hot tub.

2. Use Chemicals

For a filter that is rather dirty, a chemical rinse is the most apt cleaning procedure. For this, purchase a bottle of hot tub filter cleaner and generously spray down your hot tub filters and let them sit for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse them down with clean water.

Do make sure you rinse them well because if not, your filters will foam in your tub when you put the filters back in.

3. Use More Chemicals… for Longer

Once a year, when your filter is most filthy, it’s advisable that you do a full chemical soak. This method is rather self-explanatory because all you need to do is soak and clean. Start by using a hot tub filter cleaning chemical, dilute the chemical with water according to the directions on the bottle. Make sure you use enough water to completely submerge the entire filter. Then, let the filter rest in the solution overnight or 24 hours.

Other Filter Cleaning Tips

To optimize your filters, it’s important to give them a quick rinse with clean water every week. This will just help keep the debris from building up and the chemicals from eating away at the inner flaps of the filters.

On top of that, try to always remove large particles of debris before they reach your filter. This will prevent those pieces of debris from getting sucked into your filter and ripping the filtering flaps.

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