While skin care may have taken a backseat for the most of us these days – whether it be due to a busy schedule or absence of mind, it is important to occasionally take some time to pamper ourselves and care for our skin. Salons and 10-step skin care routines aside, did you know that a hot tub can help you soak your way to clearer skin?

Your personal hot tub and a steam room may have more things in common than you have known. Both help open your pores so excessive oil and clogged dirt can be released. The cleaning process here is two-fold: the high temperature in both a hot tub and steam room helps elevate the toxins to the surface of your skin. The water in your hot tub then works to remove these toxins, which are destroyed by the minerals in the water. Just like a good sauna session, the silky glow you notice after a lengthy hot tub soak tends to linger. This is because the heat of hot tub water encourages the deeper flow of blood and lymph fluids as blood vessels dilate, which has lasting effects on the appearance of your skin.

Consider the below three tips to help maximize the beautifying benefits of your hot tub. Start soaking your way to clearer skin today!

Spend 15 Minutes In Your Hot Tub

Spending at least 15 minutes in your tub will allow for the maximum opening of your pores. While you soak, try gently rubbing the skin on your arms, legs, face and back, starting the circulation at your skin’s surface. You can also consider using an exfoliating facial scrub during the soak for further cleansing action while your facial pores are open.

Have A Cold Shower

Try following your soaking ritual with a quick cold shower. While this may be hard for some, the discomfort of the cold water is worth the trouble. A cold rinse will seal your pores after their hot tub detox and draw the blood back to your core organs, reinforcing your body’s immune system as an added benefit. You might also consider drinking a glass of warm water with a pinch of salt and honey to restore electrolytes after your soaking session. Post-hot tub skin glow can be further prolonged by a proper balance of electrolytes in our bodies.

Maintain Your Hot Tub

Lastly, make sure that your hot tub water stays well-maintained, to avoid the opposite effect of skin irritation! Pay extra attention to the water care products you’re choosing if your skin tends to be sensitive. BC Home Leisure’s water care products is your best bet, as our soothing water enhancers help stabilize pH levels while improving water quality for a silky water effect. Blended from naturally occurring borate salts, BC Home Leisure’s water care products moisturizing effects on your skin will compliment your soaking routine nicely. Get in your hot tub and start caring for your skin today!