Spring is the perfect time to enjoy your hot tub. The weather is warm and everyone is in great spirits. Plus, by soaking in your tub on a regular basis, you can relax sore muscles, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Rolling your hot tub care into your spring-cleaning routine is easy, and will ensure months of trouble-free hot tub use with crystal clear water.

Drain, Clean & Fill your Hot Tub

Whether you’re a year-round user or shut your tub down during winter, following a few easy steps will ensure months of clean, clear hot tub water.

The first step is to use a spa system flush to clean out any unwanted build-up in your plumbing. If you drain your spa and don’t use it during the winter, it is very important to make sure the entire spa is clean before you refill. That includes the inside of the plumbing. At the bottom of each of the pipes, small amounts of residual water will remain and become stagnant. Flushing the tub prior to filling it with fresh water is essential. Fill your spa, use spa system flush, then drain and refill again

Do a Quick Inspection

Check the equipment area of the spa. If you’ve winterized your spa, reconnect the plumbing to the pump and heater. Signs of leaking or rust are the main things to look out for. Also, carefully check between the plastic wet end of your pumps and the motors themselves. If you see any signs of water leaking, be sure to replace the shaft seal.

If you ignore the leak, water will soon seep into the motor and destroy it. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a replacement pump, when you can simply and inexpensively replace the seal. Check the rest of the equipment area including the heater and any other components. Then move on to the filter. Inspect it closely, and if you notice any of the material coming apart or fraying, it needs to be replaced.

Clean Around your Hot Tub

Make sure the area around the tub is clean, swept, and the path is clear. Do your best to trim any weeds or shrubbery out of the way. No one wants to step on weeds or get scratched by bushes in bare feet and a bathing suit.

If the siding on your spa could use some TLC, now is an excellent time to clean it. Doing so now will make it easier if you’re planning on staining the sides in the summer. (It’s best to stain the wood in the summer, when the exterior of the hot tub is dry, and the chance of rain is less likely.)

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