As the winter slowly creeps towards us, your beloved hot tub may need some maintenance work done on it before it can be properly shelved away for the rest of the year. Below is some advice from our hot tub specialists in order to make sure that your hot tub is in the best condition possible for it to be started up again in 2020.

Test The Water

Before you put it away for good, test the water again to ensure the chemicals are in the correct balance. This is important because overly excessive chemicals in the hot tub can corrode its material and even hurt your eyes and nose while in use. Not enough chemical in the hot tub can cause growth of bacteria over the winter, which we do not want.

Replace The Filters

Over the course of the year, your hot tub has filtered out countless debris, dirt, and other particles, letting you enjoy your hot tub muck-free. These filters must be swapped out on a regular basis to ensure that the hot tub remains clean. If you haven’t replaced the filters in your hot tub in a while, we recommend doing it now so you won’t have to do it right away come next year.

Clean the Hot Tub Cover

It is recommended to clean your hot tub cover once a month. However, like a lot of things in life, we tend to forget. If you haven’t cleaned your hot tub cover in a while, now’s the best time to do it before it gets shelved for the winter.

If you don’t have a hot tub cover yet, we recommend you getting one now. It helps keep leaves and debris from getting into the water when not in use and helps lower your hot tub heating bills. Ask a specialist at BC Home Leisure today to find out what cover is most suited for your tub.

Bacteria Prevention

More a preventative measure, it is important to store the hot tub in a well-ventilated area so that humidity doesn’t accumulate and cause mildew. Likewise, your hot tub cover should not come in contact with the surface water. If you notice any signs of mildew, clean the area with high-quality hot tub chemicals and determine why it is forming in the first place. Mitigate the problem to prevent a recurrence. If you’re having trouble preventing or eliminating bacteria from your hot tub, it may be time to schedule hot tub service.

Hot Tub Service in Langley

Have your spa serviced by a hot tub technician periodically. Just as your car needs periodic professional maintenance, the same is true of hot tubs. Good times to schedule service are just before winter and just before summer. Not only can your hot tub technician make sure all your hot tub equipment is in good working order, catch potential problems before they manifest, and change your hot tub’s filters, he or she can also prepare the hot tub for the upcoming season. This is particularly important in places like Canada where freezing temperatures could damage hot tub equipment.

For more information about hot tub maintenance or if you’re looking for hot tub chemicals, hot tub filters, or other hot tub supplies in Langley, contact us at BC Home Leisure today.