When you think of a hot tub, generally the first thing that pops into mind is a stationary, expensive spa that requires special wiring and circuit breakers to set up. This is a big turn off to a lot of people, because deciding where a hot tub will live in their yard and how power will be supplied to it is a big decision that requires some serious planning.

There is, however, another option. Plug N’ Play hot tubs are a special kind of spa that are designed to be as accessible as possible to the user, and provide the most freedom in terms of placement and power supply. Below, we’ll describe exactly what a Plug N’ Play hot tub is, how it is different from your typical spa, and why it may fit into your life easier than a traditional tub.

What is a Plug N’ Play Hot Tub?

Plug N’ Play hot tubs are exactly what they sound like; a hot tub that you can quite literally fill, plug in, and enjoy. These spas will plug into any 110V power outlet (your typical power outlet), skipping the need to perform a large initial setup with an electrician. While that may make you cautious about their quality and features, our Beachcomber Hot Tubs pull no punches. You can seat up to 5 people in the Model 340 and relax with the available 81 FlexJets. If that doesn’t sound like a luxurious experience, we don’t know what does! This tub in particular is a great choice for those looking for a premium all around hot tub that doesn’t require anything more than water and a power outlet. When you purchase a Plug and Play 110V Hot Tub from BC Home Leisure you should understand that you are not buying an inferior product in any sense of the word. You are simply buying a spa that offers different features and benefits from Beachcomber’s other hot tub models.

Maintenance For A Plug N’ Play Hot Tub

Maintaining a Beachcomber Plug and Play Hot Tub model is easy, but there’s an important decision you need to make before filling the hot tub with water. You need to choose a water care system. You should consider one that is designed for pre and post filling care, as you may be moving your hot tub throughout your yard often to find the best location. At BC Home Leisure, we offer both Chlorine and Bromine water care systems. Chlorine is a very well-known water chemical because it’s used in recreational pools, whereas Bromine is becoming more and more popular among Beachcomber Plug and Play Hot Tub owners because it tends to be softer on the skin and doesn’t emit as much of a smell, which Chlorine has become famous for.

The Affordability Of Plug N’ Play Hot Tubs

One key feature of these tubs is that they are very affordably priced, which can make all the difference when looking into your yearly budget. Hot tubs are typically considered a big expense, but with our special financing options and the lower cost of Plug N’ Play hot tubs, we’re sure you will be able to enjoy the luxury you’re looking for at a price that won’t break the bank!