If you love enjoying life and like to indulge in a good hot tub soak, you might also know how hard they are to upkeep and maintain. It’s important to prolong these enjoyments for as long as possible. Fortunately, if you treat your hot tub right, it can last a very, very long time. Below are 4 tips on how to best take care of your hot tub so the rest and relaxation can last forever.

1. Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

The vinyl cover of your hot tub is one of the most important components of keeping the hot tub in good condition. It’s very important to clean it on a schedule to prevent it from becoming dirty or even deteriorating. The 3 things you’ll need to clean your hot tub cover are:

  1. A cleaner that isn’t too strong
  2. A sponge
  3. An oil free protectant

Start by spraying your hot tub cover with water as it’ll wash away the surface dirt and germs. Then, take your sponge and start scrubbing the cover until you see the algae and what not fall of the cover. Use the protectant to shield your hot tub from damage from exposure and other conditions.

2. Set A Schedule

If you don’t set a schedule on cleaning your hot tub, it’s almost guaranteed to never be clean. Below is a guideline to follow based on the frequency of specific tasks required:

  • Once a day: Check your spa cover briefly and make sure there’s no obvious damage
  • 3 times a week: Adjust sanitizer levels and check pH levels
  • Once every 2 weeks: clean spa filters
  • Monthly: deep clean the tub cover (as mentioned above)
  • Every three months: fully drain and deep clean your tub

3. Use Or Test Your Hot Tub Regularly

Owning a hot tub isn’t just about enjoying it. It’s about maintaining it as well. Taking care of your hot tub doesn’t just involve removing the obvious leaves and whatnot from the water; you also must check the chemical makeup of your water and ensure that it is safe and comfortable to use.

One way of knowing your water is at the right levels of, well, everything, is to use test strips, which you can purchase at any hot tub or pool maintenance store. These will check your pH balance, chlorine/bromine levels, and total alkalinity. Just take a sample of water from the middle of the hot tub, dip your test strip in and then compare the colours that come out with the colour samples on the bottle.

4. Pick Your Chemicals Carefully

It’s incredibly important to keep an eye on what kind of chemicals and sanitizers you add into your hot tub. After checking the pH levels, bromine/chlorine, and alkalinity levels in the last step, you’ll know what you need to add to your hot tub water to put everything back into order and in tip-top shape. For a complete view of helpful products, take a look through our online store, we’re sure you’ll find something that will make your life easier and improve your spa at the same time!