Owning a Beachcomber hot tub is amazing, but many people still avoid investing in one due to concerns about water maintenance. This blog post is all about dispelling those notions and setting the record straight, because we’ve heard from hot tub experts, and they all say that “using Care Free should be a no-brainer for all hot tub owners!”

A common misconception about hot tub ownership is that it takes a ton of time every week to maintain it. By identifying the right water care solution for you, (Care Free by Beachcomber from BC Home Leisure is highly recommended), and planning accordingly, keeping your water healthy is easy, and doesn’t take any time at all.

Using Care Free in your hot tub means enjoying more time relaxing and reconnecting with friends and family. Not only does this amazing product improve the quality of water, it’s also very easy to use, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Understanding that there are many water care options on the market today, please read below as we carefully detail the benefits of using Care Free in your Beachcomber hot tub.

What is CARE FREE?

Care Free is a water care product from Beachcomber hot tubs that ensures that the quality of your hot tub water is prioritized by combining water conditioners, clarifiers, enzyme biofilm disruptors, metal sequestering agents and multi-oxidizing components. It’s also an easy to use weekly 4-in-1 system that does away with a host of conditioning products, by consolidating multiple products into a single product system.

How do I use CARE FREE?

Care Free can be used as the base of your hot tub water care program. It’s powerful enough to maintain healthy water without much additional support. With Care Free however, you also have the opportunity to add a couple of enhancing products if you’re looking to really impress a party with totally clear water. If you’re using your hot tub infrequently, consider adding a chlorine product as well as to your Care Free program. This will ensure that a sanitizer is maintained when your hot tub is not in use and prevents having to recover from cloudy water when you’ve been away.

Not enough? Come visit us at BC Home Leisure in Langley and one of our experienced hot tub experts will demonstrate just how powerful this product is. There’s really nothing else quite like it on the market.