Adding water care chemicals to a hot tub is easy right? Yes, but it’s important to understand how to do it correctly and safely. In this article, we cover how you should add chemicals into your hot tub and just as importantly, how you can do this in the safest possible manner. Following these handy tips will make it very easy when it comes time to adding chemicals to your hot tub water.

Step 1: Testing if your Water is Balanced

Taking the time to add chemicals to your hot tub is pointless if the water isn’t properly balanced first. To find out how the alkalinity and pH levels are you should always test the water first. This can be done with test strips or via the liquid method. You shouldn’t add chemicals such as shock and chlorine to the tub if the water isn’t balanced correctly since they won’t work as effectively as they should.

Step 2: Run your Hot Tub

It’s important that the hot tub is operating when you add the chemicals to the water. When the tub is running it enables the chemicals to mix properly and quickly into the water via the tub’s jets.

Step 3: Remove the Cover

Once you’ve added the right amount of chemicals you shouldn’t cover the hot tub back up right away. It’s a better idea to leave it uncovered as this will allow the chemicals such as chlorine to circulate and oxidize, which is what they need to do to be effective. There will be a lot more breathing room for the water and chemicals if you keep the tub uncovered for a minimum of 15 minutes after adding the chemicals to the tub.

Step 4: Turn the Air Off

While the hot tub should be left on when adding chemicals to it, the air valves should be turned off. Some hot tubs will come with air valves located around the top of them. However, when the air mixes with the chemicals such as chlorine and shock the effectiveness of these chemicals will be reduced since they’ll gas off or oxidize too quickly for their own good.

Step 5: Measure your Chemicals

Before actually adding the chemicals to the hot tub you should measure them out in the container beforehand instead of just pouring them into the water freehand. It’s important that you read the labels on all of the chemicals to make sure you’re adding the correct amount.

Following all of these steps when adding chemicals to your hot tub will result in clean and healthy water. Plus, you’ll save time and money since you won’t be wasting any chemicals by adding too much.