Having great lighting in your gazebo is an important part of creating an alluring atmosphere in your outdoor living space. There are many different approaches you can take on your way to creating an attractive spot to throw an outdoor evening party for your friends and loved ones.

Here are some marvellous ways to light up your gazebo in ways that are memorable, and don’t require an electrician to put together.

Stylish Fairy Lights

Similar to Christmas lights, fairy lights are small lights that can be hung as part of any gazebo or patio. These lights can be put around the posts and handrails or outline the entire building for a beautiful display. Although old fashioned incandescent lights are fine, the newer LED lights are better because they last longer and aren’t hazardous.

Bright Centrepieces

Think of chandeliers as ostentatious items that should only be used in castles? This isn’t necessarily true! These can be made of brass with frosted glass shades, wood or even re-purposed antlers for a more rustic look. They are great used in gazebos because they provide a tremendous amount of light, as well as a touch of class.

Tape Lights & Ribbons

While fairy lights are one thing, tape & ribbon lights are a major step up. These are LEDs embedded in ribbons that can be attached to the gazebo via an adhesive backing. They can even be cut to order, though carefully. Like LED fairy lights, LED tape lights come in a rainbow of colours, are cool to the touch, and can last for years.

Sparkle Lights

Sparkle lights, also known as sparkle balls, can be bought from stores, or made. They are a versatile item that can be used throughout a gazebo or any outdoor living space. These can even be hung from the ceiling of a gazebo, or wrapped around banisters for a more dynamic look. Use white lights or coloured lights for this one.