Although it may seem as though summer started weeks ago, don’t forget that the official first day of summer is June 21st! The temperature is rising, the kids are already sunburnt and running about, and that pool in your backyard has been occupied every day since the middle of May. The question is: How will you bring all that enthusiasm from the “beginning of summer” back for the actual beginning of summer? Below are a few fun and relaxing activities to consider for the rest of the Summer.

Date Night By the Pool

Hire a sitter, and instead of making sure the kids are kept busy, let them have some downtime via a movie night with all the fixings: popcorn, Netflix, and some soft drinks! Instead of enforcing bedtime, have them roll out the sleeping bags in the family room and camp out, falling asleep to the movie. Meanwhile, you can be outside, relaxing by the pool with some wine, music, and other neighbourhood moms and dads. The kids will get a memorable Summer night and so will you!

Take Time for an Evening Dip

Have a family nighttime swim session. Bring the whole family out to the pool for an evening swim right before bed. This will allow you to combine a healthy, end-of-the-day activity with some good, quality family bonding time to make a memorable Summer.

Summer Reading

Make those summer reading requirements a little less dreadful and a little more exciting for the kids. Allow them to read by the pool instead of confining them to a silent room indoors. Perhaps even let them take a splash for each ten pages they read.

Have a picnic by the pool

Pack sandwiches and popsicles, unfold a blanket, and eat lunch outside in swim suits. Cool off and float around the pool on a giant swan afterwards. After a week of lazy swims and summer relaxation, morale will be higher for everyone and the start of summer will have you back on your feet for the rest of the season. BC Home Leisure is your go-to source for getting and keeping your pool swim-ready. Offering a menu of services, you can be sure your pool will be sparkling for summer fun!