The feeling you get when you walk into your hotel room and notice that you have your own personal hot tub, is the feeling we want to duplicate. Owning a hot tub is a convenient way to take advantage of the health benefits in the comfort of your own home, while having the opportunity to bond with your family and friends.

Release Your Stress

When we endure stress, it affects our physical health as cortisol increases it creates blood vessel constriction and muscle tension. Fortunately, spending time in a hot tub can reverse these physical symptoms by bringing significant physical relief. The mixture of the jets and warm water allows your body to relax and enables more oxygen flow through your blood.

Muscle Soreness

Whether you sit on a chair for most of the day, carry bags of groceries, or perform a physical activity, there’s a chance of your muscles getting sore. Studies have found that the buoyancy from the hot tubs helps mitigate the pain of sore muscles and support your recovery from injuries and strains. With the increase of blood circulation due to the hot water and the jets, it reduces the inflammation of your muscles, ultimately letting your body rest. By relaxing in your hot tub, your muscles can work hard the next day.

Improve Your Sleep

Sleep researchers found that the symptoms of insomnia come from chaotic, stressful lifestyles. They found that reaching a resting state is key to helping you fall asleep and have a greater quality sleep. The sound of the jets and the water helps you mentally relax, leading to increased circulation while your blood pressure and heart rate decreases.

Deepen Relationships

Hot tubs give you a space to talk one-on-one and unwind from your day, while feeling the many health benefits. Additionally, taking some time to soak in the tub with your family or friends can help remove distractions as you spend quality time without a phone present.

Your Hot Tub is Made for You

The luxury of having your personal hot tub is choosing the water level, seat depths and angles, and design. When choosing your hot tub, you can find models that have between 1 to 10 seats, although the jets are one of the most important features to look for. Jets can vary in power, pressure type, and flexibility to target your sore muscles and joints. Furthermore, the design of your hot tub can come in different colours and styles, allowing you to customize the look your personal hot tub. Owning a hot tub comes with the feeling of being able to relax any day for any reason.