Over time, your hot tub’s plumbing becomes coated with materials that can block your plumbing. This causes your pump to work harder, and even contaminate your water supply and make you sick! Since the fall is the time when a lot of people clean and winterize their hot tubs, now is also a great time to flush your hot tubs plumbing system.

It is important to periodically clean your hot tub plumbing if you want to make sure your water quality is always at its best. But pipes aren’t as easy to clean as the shell of your hot tub. So how do you do it?

Why Clean the Plumbing?

You may be thinking that with all the chemicals you pour into your hot tub, a good plumbing cleaning just seems unnecessary. However, over time even when you properly take care of your hot tub, the plumbing inside your hot tub can begin to accumulate mineral deposits, dirt, and grime. A good rule of thumb for you to go by is whenever you drain your hot tub, go ahead and flush the plumbing as well.
When cleaning your hot tub’s plumbing, there are 3 steps you need to take to be sure it gets cleaned the right way.

Step #1 – Cleaning and Replacing the Filter

Remove the filter from your hot tub and clean it. If it is a year old or more or if it looks like it is in bad condition, replace it. While you will be changing the water, you need a decent base to start your cleaning process. So, using the water that is in the hot tub, add shock and allow it to circulate through your hot tub and clean as much of the water killing any bacteria. Circulate the water at high speed during this process and allow it to run for at least 30 minutes, if not longer before you continue.

Step #2 – Clean the Plumbing

For this step, add a flush product to the hot tub and allow the water to circulate with the jets on for at least 30 minutes. This system flush will break up much of the dirt that has built up inside the pipes of your hot tub and allow it to become trapped in the filter.

Step #3 – Add New Water

Before you drain your hot tub, go ahead and clean the filter again and replace it in the system. Drain all the old water from your hot tub safely and then refill it with fresh water. Once the hot tub is filled, test the water and add the proper chemicals to balance it properly.


Sometimes, the pipes of your hot tub will become too blocked and dirty. When this happens, you need to either put your best plumber hat on or call in a professional to completely remove all the grime that has built up inside the plumbing of your hot tub. Cleaning the plumbing of your hot tub doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you do it regularly you will quickly be able to flush out the system and have everything cleaned in no time.