Meeting your fitness goals with sore muscles can be difficult. Whether you’ve started a new exercise plan or you’re on a hardcore workout routine; hydrotherapy can be a game-changer. The immersion in warm water and the pressure from the jets allows your body to restore and increase flexibility so that you can stay on track.

The Science Behind It

The chemical process called cellular respiration allows your muscle cells to be fuelled by breaking down sugar. When you begin to get tired, your muscle cells have run out of oxygen leading your body to start anaerobic respiration. This process begins to produce lactic acid which creates the burning sensation in the muscle when doing a high-intensity workout. The defence mechanism from your muscles tries to discourage you from pushing further because by continuing to push the muscle tissue is breaking down, as a result, growing your muscles.

Muscle soreness occurs when muscles tissue have broken down. Hydrotherapy speeds up the processing of lactic acid and other metabolites, allowing your muscles to recover faster. Hydrotherapy encourages blood flow from the extremities of your muscles into the core, and relaxes the blood vessels. Since blood carries oxygen, proteins, and many other nutrients that helps repair the muscles damaged by the workout, it’s crucial to stimulate blood flow for a speedy recovery.

A Range Of Benefits

Furthermore, studies have found that the temperature of the water has an effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory and other body systems. The warm temperature increases the blood levels of somatotropin (STH), a growth hormone that prompts cellular regenerations. The heat also helps decrease cortisol levels, the main stress hormone, allowing your body to enter a state of recovery. Additionally, the heat shock protein known to help promote muscle growth and muscular development is stimulated.

Rehabilitation from an injury or pulled muscle can sometimes take longer than expected. In a hot tub, the buoyancy of the water supports your body weight, allowing further flexibility and healing in the muscles. While you stretch and exercise in a hot tub, the nervous system is creates new connections and strengthens existing ones.

Reducing your recovery times and pain by relaxing in your personal hot tub will surely increase your workout performance level while sticking to your exercise plan. With the variety of hot tubs and swim spas available, it’s key to find a hot tub that has a myriad of jets to provide you hydro-massage in all the right places.

Don’t let sore muscles hold you back, allow hydrotherapy to relax your muscles so that you can achieve your fitness goals! Want to learn more? Come visit us at BC Home Leisure in Langley and one of our experienced hot tub experts will demonstrate just how powerful this product is. There’s really nothing else quite like it on the market.