With the Lower Mainland Winter weather in full swing, we can all stand to save a little extra cash with the holidays just around the corner, couldn’t we? At BC Home Leisure we’ve come up with a few tips on you can can save money on your next energy bill.

Check your hot tub cover

One of the most important things you can do for your hot tub, is to ensure that your cover is in tip top shape. Your cover helps to insulate your tub as the heat rises, much like the insulation in the attic of a house. As the stream and heat moves up, the cover helps trap all the energy in the hot tub.

When a hot tub cover gets older, it starts to develop cracks that continuously release the heat, therefore putting your tub into overdrive to reheat. Replacing your cover every few years helps your tub stay properly insulated while saving you cash in the long run.

Shield from the Wind

We all know the West Coast wind all too well. During those blustery days, when the wind passes over your hot tub, it can cool and evaporate the water. Having a windbreaker around the hot tub with prevent you from having to reheat your tub and add more water. Attractive fencing or shrubs around your hot tub and surrounding area can do wonders, while looking great and providing privacy.

Cool off

There’s no need to pump your temperature to the max. Although most hot tubs have a limit of 104°F, turning it down to even 102°F or a bit lower, can definitely save you money on energy bills. You can still enjoy all the benefits of hydrotherapy without the wasting your precious dough. Some like it hot? We think not.

Filter Check

Over time, hot tub filters can get clogged and worn out, preventing the water in the tub from properly circulating. This causes your pump motor to work harder, and your heater element to become less efficient.

Every 3 or 4 months while you’re changing the water in your hot tub, remember to flush the plumbing system and replace the filter. This will ensure your hot tub is running in tip top shape, and your pump and heater are working as efficiently as possible.

Save the H2O

Even with an abundance of water around us in BC, avoid wasting water when it comes to your hot tub. The more water you waste, the more you will have to refill and reheat, causing your energy bills to rise.

We’re not trying to dampen the party in the hot tub, but try to prevent excessive splashing and water loss. If there’s a leak, get it check out and repaired right away by calling our staff to help you out. Conserving water can help your stay green to the environment, while keeping the green in your wallet.

There’s no better time to take a warm soak in your tub than on a chilly winter day. So follow these simple tips, save on your energy bills and use that money for that “it” gift for the kiddies this holiday season!