Winter is just about here, and every Canadian knows what that means. It means colder temperatures, shorter days, and the end of patio season. Basically, if you love the sun and being warm outside, it’s the end of everything fun.

With the end of patio season comes some tiring and depressing tasks. First, there is the task of making room in your garage or shed for all your summer patio gear. Secondly, there’s the task of moving and storing all of your items. If you want to make certain your chairs and tables stay clean, beautiful, and undamaged all winter long, follow these few tips below:

Give Everything a Vacuum

Before even thinking of storing any items in your garage or shed, it’s advisable to give them a cursory vacuum to remove debris and dirt. This is even more important on fabrics because they can develop mold or bacteria if they aren’t vacuumed before storage.

A Full Wipe Down

Before you store any of your patio gear, make sure you wipe it all down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and preserve its long-term quality. Also, if you have the products, it’s good to use household cleaners to give them that extra layer of protection and shine for their next use.

Keep Things Dry, Dry, Dry

The most corrosive thing for most patio furniture, outside of acids, is water and overall dampness. Do everything you can to store all your fabrics, metals, and untreated wood patio gear in low humidity spaces.

Don’t Worry about Wicker

Synthetic wicker is an amazingly durable material which can actually stay outside during the cold of winter. Obviously, make sure you remove all cushions and pillows so that those don’t get damaged.

Don’t Get Fancy

Sometimes people like to out-think storage situations. For storing patio furniture, your garage or shed is the best place. Both places are very dry and secure, plus they’re often cavernous, making them perfect areas to store large items like patio tables and chairs. A secure tarp will work, but only if you live in a dry place.