Mosquitoes are the worst! They’re not just annoying, but sometimes they carry life-threatening diseases, and they’re really hard to keep away from your home.

Because mosquitoes love water, humidity, and people grouped together, your hot tub area is the perfect place for a mosquito buffet. Stop advertising yourself to mosquitoes, and instead protect your family’s health by taking a stand to keep mosquitoes away from your pool.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Hot Tub

Taking a preventative approach to mosquitoes is the best way to-go. That’s why you’ll find some amazing tips in this article to help you keep these pesky buggers away from your property.

Keep Water Alive

Inspect your yard after a rain, and you may be surprised to find places where water lingers. Turn over buckets, recycle old tires, and fill in areas of your yard that stay damp. For things you can’t empty, such as wading pools and fountains, change the water weekly. Plus, please note that mosquitoes can’t breed and develop in moving water, so if you have a fountain or other water feature, keeping it in motion will help prevent mosquitoes from moving in, getting comfy, and getting busy.

Buy a Hot Tub Cover

When your hot tub isn’t in use, keep it covered! Although it’s unlikely your pool water will ever be completely still, it can be inviting to mosquitoes, and look like a good place for them to lay their eggs.

Covers serve many other great purposes as well, so please make sure you pick one up for your at home setup.

Maintain a Clean Yard

Mosquitoes love piles of soggy leaves, rotting logs, and tall, wet grass. Mow regularly, so you won’t have lots of grass clippings to deal with. Rake and dispose of leaves, pine needles, or palm fronds.

Pay special attention to areas that stay moist, such as underneath decks. Keeping those areas free of organic debris allows the water to drain into the ground or evaporate into the air before it becomes home to mosquito larvae.

Maintain Proper Pool Chemistry

If your pool is full of clean, balanced water that’s being turned over by your pump every day, it won’t be habitable for mosquitoes. Keep up with pool maintenance, such as cleaning your filter and skimmer regularly. Create and stick to a pool maintenance schedule to be sure your pool stays clean, clear, and pest free.

Turn some Fans On

Mosquitoes can’t fly against or near a fan. They are fortunately very weak flyers, which is why many organizations recommend using a large fan near outdoor gatherings to keep the insects away.

Overall, it’s important to be aware of the pesky problems that mosquitoes can create around your hot tub. Fortunately, you’ll be aware that these guys are moving in when you start smacking your shoulders and back uncontrollably.