Entertaining friends in your Beachcomber hot tub is always a great way to create a memorable evening. One of the best ways to enjoy your hot tub with friends and family is to host a hot tub party. You’ll get to show off your incredible hot tub AND spend time with the people you love! However, there are a couple of things you and your guests need to understand before jumping in the tub.

Your New Years Checklist:

Be Prepared

Make sure you remind your guests to bring their bathing suits! There’s nothing worse than showing up and not being able to relax because you don’t have the right gear.


Decide whether or not you want to provide your guests with towels. Although it’s very kind to offer your guests towels, asking them to bring one or two over isn’t rude and can eliminate the headache of a big stack of laundry afterwards.

Photos & Videos

Make sure you get everyone’s permission before snapping a photo. Be aware that some people aren’t comfortable with photos of them being taking and shared around.

Snack Foods

Don’t serve potato chips or other snack foods in the hot tub. This kind of food will make a huge mess and is very difficult to clean up. The best items to serve in the tub are fruit or other small snacking items.

Music Choices

Make sure your music playlist suits everyone in the tub. Classic Rock is always a crowd pleaser, however it’s best to know your guests’ preference prior to inviting them over.


Decorating the area is a great way to create a mood for the party. You could do a theme night or just add general decorations. Remember, simple is usually better, so don’t go crazy but by creative. Whatever you do, make it fun and festive!

Having friends over to share the hot tubbing experience with you is a great way to enjoy your hot tub. By following these simple tips your hot tub party will be flawless, and your guests will be dying to come back.