Living on the West Coast, we’re a lucky few that have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Like the interior of your home, designing the perfect backyard can expand your living space, as well as increase the value of your home if you’re in the market to sell. Unlike designing the inside of your home, the challenge in designing your dream backyard oasis is that it may require a bit more creativity. Depending on the size and shape of your backyard, planning on how to fully monopolize the space based on your family’s lifestyle is important. Not to fret! Below are our 8 tips on what to consider when designing or redesign your backyard.

#1 – THE WHO

The first thing to keep in mind is who will be using your yard. Having pets and children may be a deciding factor when picking out furniture, accessories or hot tubs. Consider the durability of the materials that are being used, as well as the colour of the fabric. When choosing a hot tub, if you have little ones, ensure you purchase one that has elevated seating and easy entry.

#2 – THE HOW

What will the space be used for? Will it be mostly for entertaining, dining outdoors or will it be enjoyed for playing as well? These aspects should be another main factor in your decision-making process and design.


When designing your outdoor living area, consider how you will divide the space – seating area versus dining area, lounging area versus play area… the possibilities are endless. Consider using dividers, or if you’re building a deck, having the areas on different elevations. Outdoor lighting is another option to adding ambience to your evening entertaining space.

#4 – A 365 SPACE

With our mild weather, enjoy your backyard paradise all year long with a few simple additions that make it enjoyable rain or shine. Consider different shade variations like cobanas, large umbrellas or cantilevers to shield you from the sun. Having a fully covered living room or dining space with the addition of a fire pit adds a cozy feel on those rainy West Coast days.

#5 – MIX IT UP!

This is the exciting part! Adding different fabric patterns and colour combinations can really spice things up and add more interest to your décor. Consider combining different metals and wicker when choosing your furniture to give it that custom look. The type of decking, stucco or concrete can really set the feel for the space, so be sure to do your research, and how it will match your décor.


If you’re living in a condo or townhome complex, don’t let the strata guidelines restrict you from design your dream space. Get creative! Consider things like temporary flooring, an accent rug, freestanding stucco or a variety of plants.


Add a bit of your personality to the space by bringing accent colours from your favourite paintings or pieces inside your home. If your space is safe from the rain or sun, add a few art pieces that tie in with the indoor motif.


It may be tempting to try and make use of every inch of space, however remember to leave some space. A patio that is over decorated may tend to look cluttered.

Happy Decorating!