As any hot tub owner can attest to, running a hot tub in the winter can be quite expensive. From the chemicals for cleaning the water, to heating the tub during Canada’s cold, harsh winter, things can add up. Fear no more! This article covers how you can save money heating your hot tub over a Canadian winter.

These tricks will be sure to help you remove some sticker shock from your hot tub heating electricity bill.

Trick #1 – Diagnose Cover Problems

Hot tub covers are expensive and unnecessary right? Wrong! Although sometimes expensive, a hot tub cover is a critical element of smart hot tub ownership. Frankly, it’s one of the most important things. To start, a good cover prevents heat loss from your hot tub. Any good hot tub cover should include a radiant heat-shield on the inside, as well as a protective and insulating layer on the outside. Don’t get hot tub cover sticker shock and ignore buying one completely!

Trick #2 – Add a Hot Tub Blanket

Never heard of this? Admittedly, this is a lesser known hot tub accessory, but it is still equally important for hot tub owners who are interested in saving money. A hot tub blanket when combined with a good hot tub cover can save you huge on your heating bills because so little heating energy (and money) is lost to the outside air.

Trick #3 – Turn Down the Heat

This one is obvious, but often overlooked. By simply turning down the temperature of your hot tub by just a few degrees, you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars this winter. Plus, if you’re planning on using your hot tub this winter, you won’t necessarily notice any different in the water temperature because the temperature drop is so negligible.

Trick #4 – Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Older hot tub models are just like older car models, they’re gas, or in the case of a hot tub, energy guzzlers! Upgrading to a newer hot tub model will assure that you’re running the most efficient possible hot tub. And while there are higher costs on the front-end when buying a newer hot tub model, in the long run you will save money on your energy bill.

Understanding that we all love to penny pinch and save money where we can, a hot tub cover shouldn’t be something you cheap out on because without one, you’ll be costing yourself more!