Swim spas are steady gaining popularity over traditional swimming pools as our homes become more compact. Gone are the days where fitting a swimming pool into the backyard was a viable option for the most of us. Instead, with each acre steadily increasing in price, traditional outdoor living connoisseurs are finding new ways to enjoy themselves under the sun. With that being said, both swim spas and swimming pools offer unique benefits to its owners. Below are 4 reasons why you may want to choose a swim spa over a traditional pool, and vice-versa.

Compact Facilities

A swim spa is considerably smaller than a swimming pool, and as mentioned previously, size is very important when it comes to fitting it in your yard or outdoor living space. A swim spa is compact but still offers the ability to swim against resistance if you wish to exercise the body. Whether you live in a house with a yard, or in a 30-story penthouse, chances are you’ll be able to fit a swim spa comfortably into your property.

Open All Seasons

Even heated pools become uncomfortable to swim in during winter seasons as there is just too much mass for the heat to go around. The most realistic use you may get out of a swimming pool is around 5 months per year. However, with a swim spa, you are ensured of all-seasons-long usage as it is much easier to maintain and offers the same functionalities as a swimming pool. Rest assured that you will have a place to swim even if the weather isn’t the most ideal.

Safer Equipment

Despite stricter regulations being created for swimming pools year after year, reports of deaths and injuries related to pools remain steady. While a swimming pool is larger in size, it also means that there’s more room for accidents to happen. With a swim spa, however, the chances of injuries are minimized. Dependent on the manufacturer, most swim spas are equipped with hard-locking covers to prevent accidental falls and trips and are made into just the right size so all unusual activities during use can be spotted and attended to right away.

Designed For Exercise

While a pool is the most traditional facility for swimming, the swim spa has revolutionized what it means to work out via swimming. The water currents in a swim spa are adjustable so you can decide how intense you would like the currents to be. Whether you prefer to exercise in a traditional pool, or practice more intense strokes in a compact pool and soak in hot soothing water afterwards, the choices are laid out for you! Visit BC Home Leisure in Langley to talk to one of our experts about the best choice for your home.