Beachcomber’s hot tub design is built upon unrelenting attention to detail and serving customers. They focus on improving their hot tubs through small function and design improvements, instead of large glitzy, unreliable technology additions. Beachcomber produces every one of their hot tubs with customer satisfaction in-mind, that’s why they spare little expense and spend a lot of time working on small details.

Here are some examples of some key features they’ve added to their hot tubs to improve their design.

Glassloc 2000 Bonding Process

This proprietary formulation is used to strengthen the hot tub shell. It is used like a paint can and is sprayed on in multiple coats to strengthen the hot tub shell. This is a major aspect that gives Beachcomber the confidence to be able to guarantee the hot tub shell for the life of the tub.

Checkerplate Flooring

Another of Beachcomber’s proprietary features, the non-slip flooring is designed to prevent slips and falls while maneuvering around the hot tub. It offers a strong grip for people’s feet while moving from seat to seat in the tub.

Dual Access Electrical Conduit

Beachcomber hot tubs have two available options for entry direction of the main electrical connection. This is provided as a simple convenience for customers, so as to allow the ability to change the direction their hot tub faces.

Gate Valve

This is a knife-style valve that is manually closed to seal off the water pipes. This allows for the preservation of water in your hot tub without the need to drain if service to your pump or plumbing is necessary.

Multi-Level Seating

This is a hot tub design that allows different bathers to soak at different heights. Beachcomber is proud to have this as part of the design because they understand that owners come in all different sizes, heights and shapes.

Waterfall Entry

They understand that getting into a hot tub can be difficult, and as part of the tubs design, they wanted to create a safer way for our owners to relax. Beachcomber uses a stepping system to create convenience when entering and exiting their hot tubs.

Want to learn more about Beachcomber hot tubs? Visit us in-store and we’d be happy to walk you through all of their great features!