Nothing is more annoying than jumping into a dirty, poorly cleaned hot tub. As soon as you jump into a tub that hasn’t been cleaned well, you’ll notice all kinds of gross issues that will make you jump out of the water and run. Fortunately, with a bit of pre-planning and some TLC, hot tub water care is easy if you use the correct products.

See below to learn about the key products that we suggest you use as part of your Beachcomber Hot Tub water care program:

Filter Savers

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and with Beachcomber’s Filter Saver, you’ll understand! These nifty little items fit around and over the top of the microfilter basket and floating weir. They then work to trap debris before it enters the microfilter or heater. Filter Saver is perfect for wooded areas, to catch leaves and other floating debris.

Beachcomber Hydro Mop

These hot tub mops enhance water clarity by absorbing oils from the water’s surface. And lest you think you don’t need them, think again because by letting oil and other human debris sit in the water, you’ll be forced to use many more chemicals and your water will go bad quicker. This product’s unsurpassed ability to absorb oils and contaminants will improve your overall tubbing experience, as well as make the water care process much simpler.

Care Free Water Conditioner & Test Kit

Care Free has become the industry’s standard in water care systems. As a 4-in-1 weekly water care system that replaces traditional water conditioners such as sequestering agents, oxidizers, biofilm disruptors and clarifiers. Along with using the conditioner, you’ll also need to use a test kit. Unlike other test kits, the Care Free Test Kit is specially built to work with customers who use Care Free conditioner in their hot tubs. It’s much more effective because it is designed to monitor the specific chemicals present in Care Free.

6 Way Water Test Strips

With the Beachcomber 6 Way Water Test Strips, you can test your hot tub in 15 seconds to see if your hot tub water is safe, comfortable and ready to use. Using a small sample of your hot tub water, you are able to test your Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and pH levels.

Want to learn more? Come visit us at BC Home Leisure in Langley and one of our experienced hot tub experts will demonstrate just how powerful this product is. There’s really nothing else quite like it on the market.