A working hot tub is a wonderful thing! It’s the perfect way to relax with family and friends after a long day of work. Unfortunately, sometimes hot tubs run into problems. One of the most common problems that hot tub owners experience is a problem with their hot tub jets.

Luckily, no matter whether you are an expert plumber or don’t know which way to hold a wrench, it is still possible for you to troubleshoot hot tub jets yourself before you call BC Home Leisure.

Please Note: Before any hot tub repairs, make sure that you disconnect any power running to your hot tub.

Common Jet Problems & Solutions

1. Lack of Massaging Power

If you find that your jets have a massive lack of pressure, it is possible that air has gotten into your internal system. This can be caused by a number of things, but the most common is through a jet tunnel. To get rid of this excess air, all you have to do is bleed it from your pump.

2. Stuck Jets

A common problem hot tub owner’s face is stuck jets. Caused by excess calcium, jets can become stuck in-place and no longer mobile. In order to fix this problem, you’ll need a descaler to get rid of the calcium.

3. Slow Water Pump

If this is something that you’re experiencing, the first thing you should check is the water level of your hot tub. Make sure it is filled according to the factory specs of your hot tub. If the level is too low, air could be finding its way into your system causing the jets to pulsate. If your water level isn’t too low, it could be time to check your filter. A dirty filter will make it hard to air to flow through the system properly. If it is not the filter or the water level, it is possible that you have a blockage in the lines of your hot tub. Check the lines to see if you can locate a blockage. If no blockage can be found, chances are the pump on your hot tub is shot and will need to be replaced.

When is it Time to Call BC Home Leisure?

If none of these solutions are helping you, call us! We’ll be happy to come out to you and try and diagnose and fix your hot tub issues.