Thinking about traveling this winter to get a break from the Canadian cold? Planning on taking a break from hot tubbing this winter? No matter your reason, leaving your home, and more importantly your hot tub, is something you need to prepare for. Although it won’t take a lot of work, there are a few simple, but important steps that need to be taken to winterize a hot tub properly.

This article will cover the easy steps you can execute to keep your hot tub in great working order.

Step #1: Shut Your Hot Tub Down & Drain the Water

This one is easy, but do make sure that absolutely no power is getting to your hot tub. Once you’ve done that, use the drain plug to begin draining your hot tub. When using the drain plug, please check if your hot tub allows you to attach a garden hose to it, because this will make things much cleaner.

Step #2: Drain the Pipes & Remove the Filter

To drain your pipes, first turn off the heater and put the cover back on the hot tub and turn on the electric to run the air blower. Let this run for 45 seconds, then shut the power off to your hot tub. Once this is done, take the cover off your tub and remove all the filters from inside your filter well. Make sure that the filter well has no water in it. You can use a shop vac or a sponge to help get all the water out.

Step #3: Loosen the Pipe Fittings & Cleanse the Shell & Cover

This is an important step because it will prevent your pipe fittings from cracking in freezing temperatures. To start this process, open up the cabinet to your hot tub and locate the pump or pumps. Follow all of that by removing all the drain plugs from the pumps as well. This will allow water to drain from your pipes if condensation builds up inside.

Now that you have an empty hot tub, give it a good cleaning with some hot tub cleaner. Please remember to clean the cover by using a hot tub cover cleaner on both the outside and inside.

Step #4: Lockdown your Hot Tub & Cover

Security is a big part of winterizing a hot tub. That’s why the final step of this process is all about securing the cover to your hot tub by using straps. If your hot tub cover will lock to your tub, then do that. You don’t want anyone or anything getting inside the hot tub. You also want to protect your hot tub from blowing off in severe winds.