If you don’t want to start finding algae blooms or bacteria in your pool, it may be a good idea to start maintaining your pool on a weekly basis. After all, an abandoned pool can cost you up to thousands of dollars in maintenance fees and equipment repair when you do decide to start paying attention to it come Summer.

Thankfully, keeping your pool in good shape doesn’t require much of your time or effort. Ensure your pool stays in check with standard maintenance procedures with this checklist from BC Home Leisure. We recommend you go through this list on a weekly basis, though you may be able to get away with some of these items once every two weeks depending on the size and history of your pool.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Checklist

  • Remove all debris and leaves from the bottom of the pool
  • Apply chlorine and bromine to satisfy the pool’s water requirements
  • Check for the water level; make sure it’s high enough for the pump to operate correctly
  • Visually inspect pool water for clarity and any visible contaminants
  • Test and adjust pH to between 7.3 to 7.7, depending on the type of pool
  • Clean the tiles at the waterline
  • Add a preventative serving of algaecide if necessary
  • Shock the pool to destroy germs and bacteria

With that being said, every pool is unique in its own right, and while this list meets the foundations of maintaining a pool, it may not be customized to your individualized needs. Fortunately, BC Home Leisure is offering a free pool assessment for all those who reside in the Lower Mainland. Get in touch with one of our pool care experts today, we’re always happy to help!