During the year, it can be relaxing to spend time gardening and doing yard work. This kind of work is often decidedly less relaxing when you’re forced to do it every weekend, or during the cold fall and winter seasons. Luckily, creating a yard that is both maintenance-free and practical is possible, and even easier than you might think.

This article takes you through the best ways to create a yard that you’ll love, and be able to relax in. If you need specific advice about any of these tips, feel free to reach out to BC Home Leisure for more pointed tips.

Create Some Barriers

Retaining walls and other types of barriers make for a great way to transition from high-ground to low. Plus, these types of walls eliminate some grass area, and can make for perfect impromptu sitting areas if done well. Other items that can be used as barriers are planters, tree rings, and even planter boxes.

Stylish barriers combined with concrete pavers can be used to create beautiful raised patios, replacing high-maintenance wooden decks. Best of all, retaining wall units come in a variety of colours, shapes and textures to complement any landscape design.

Permeable Patio Materials

Creating a large patio area is a great way to cut down on yard maintenance, but you need to do this right, because a badly done patio can cause you even more problems. Materials that are permeable are great because they are both environmentally sound and require very little maintenance, versus other solutions that cause storm water management issues and other problems.

Add Natural Walkways

Utilizing products like rock mulch and natural rock in gardens and beds, as walkways and as stepping stones offers an attractive solution to weed control, plus it lessens the need for irrigation. And, using a landscape fabric underneath the install offers even better protection against weeds.

Choose Durable Patio Furniture

The last thing to worry about in any backyard, or first depending on who you are, is the patio furniture. Choosing outdoor furniture that is made of recycled high-quality plastic is a smart way to go to assure that you’re not constantly having to go and purchase more because your old stuff is rotting. Many of these types of patio furniture require no storage or maintenance other than seasonal cleanup with soap and water. Plus, unlike wood, this material won’t chip, splint, crack or rot and never needs painting.

When you’re looking at putting in—or building—your next patio, consider the amount of work and maintenance it will take to maintain it at the level of cleanliness and organization you want!